CC to HP Calculator

Enter the total number of CC’s into the calculator to convert into an equivalent horsepower.

CC to HP Formula

The following equation can be used to convert a CC to HP of a typical combustion ending.

HP = CC/15

  • Where HP is the horsepower
  • CC is the cubic centimeters

CC Definition

A CC is defined as the size of the volume of an engine in cubic centimeters.

CC to HP Example

How to convert CC to HP?

  1. First, determine the total CC’s.

    This value will typically be provided on the engine. For example let’s say our engine is 750CC’s.

  2. Next, calculate the horsepower.

    We can calculate the approximate horsepower using the formula above, so 750CC/15 = 50 hp.


What is a CC?

A cc is an abbreviation for cubic centimeters that is most often used to describe the size of an engine.

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