Enter the total amount of airflow in cubic feet per minute (CFM) into the calculator to estimate the horsepower of the motor.

CFM To HP Formula

The following formula is used to estimate or convert CFM to HP.

HP = (CFM * 1.44)

  • Where HP is the total horsepower
  • CFM is the airflow in cubic feet per minute

CFM to HP Definition

How is CFM converted into HP?

CFM can be converted into HP by multiplying the airflow by 1.6 and then multiplying that result by 0.9.

Example Problem

How to calculate HP from CFM?

The following example problem outlines the steps and information that is needed in order to estimate the total amount of horsepower an engine has based on its airflow intake in cubic feet per minute.

First, determine the total amount of air intake of the engine. For this example problem, the air intake is at a rate of 500 CFM.

Next, use the formula above to estimate the horsepower:

HP = (CFM * 1.44)

HP = (500 * 1.44)

HP = 720 horsepower