Enter the RWKW into to calculator to convert the value into horsepower (HP).

RWKW to HP Formula

The following equation is used to convert RWKW to HP.

HP = RWKW * 1.15 * .745
  • Where HP is the engine horsepower
  • RWKW is the rear wheel kilo-watt power (kW)

To calculate the HP from RWKW, first, convert the wheel power to engine power by multiplying by 1.15, then convert from kW to HP by multiplying by .745.

What is RWKW?


RWKW, short for rear wheel kilo-watts is a measure of the power in kilo-watts at the rear wheel of a vehicle.

How to convert RWKW to HP?

Example Problem:

The following example outlines the steps and information needed to convert RWKW to HP.

First, determine the power at the rear wheels. For this example, the power is 100 kW.

Next, determine the engine power from the wheels. Multiplying the wheel power by 1.15 gives us an engine power of 115 kW.

Finally, calculate the horsepower using the formula above:

HP = RWKW * 1.15 * .745

HP = 115* .745

HP = 85.675