Enter the total dynamic pressure and the fluid mass density into the calculator to determine the velocity.

Pressure to Velocity Formula

The following formula is used to calculate a velocity from dynamic pressure.

V = Sqrt [ (2*q/p) ]

  • Where V is the velocity (m/s)
  • q is the dynamic pressure (pascals)
  • p is the fluid mass density (kg/m^3)

Pressure to Velocity Definition

Calculate a velocity from a dynamic pressure requires that you also know the density. Dynamic pressure arises from the movement of fluid through a volume.

Pressure to Velocity Example

How to calculate velocity from pressure?

  1. First, determine the dynamic pressure.

    Measure the dynamic pressure of the flow.

  2. Next, determine the density.

    Calculate the density of the fluid in movement.

  3. Finally, calculate the velocity.

    Calculate the velocity from the dynamic pressure and density using the equation above.


What is a dynamic pressure?

Dynamic pressures are pressure differentials that arise from the flow of a fluid through a constrained area.

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