Enter the diameter of the tire into the calculator to determine the revolutions per mile of the bike or wheel.

Rev Per Mile Formula

The following formula is used to calculate the total revs per mile of a bike tire.

RevPM =   63,360 / D * 3.14159
  • Where RevPM is the revolutions per mile
  • D is the diameter of the tire in inches

To calculate rev per mile, divide 63,360 by the diameter in inches, then multiply by pi.

Rev Per Mile Definition

Rev per mile is short for revolutions per mile and is a measure of the total number of revolutions it takes a wheel of a certain size to travel a mile.

Rev Per Mile Example

How to calculate a rev per mile?

  1. First, measure the tire diameter.

    Measure the tire diameter in inches.

  2. Next, calculate the circumference.

    Calculate the circumference by multiplying the diameter by pi.

  3. Finally, calculate the rev per mile.

    Calculate the number of revolutions per mile by dividing 63,360 by the tire circumference.


How many revolutions does my bike take to go one mile?

The amount of revolutions it takes a bike to travel a mile depends on the size of the wheel. The larger the wheel the lower the revolutions.