Enter your run pace and total time ran into the run distance calculator. The running distance calculator will return your total distance ran.

Run Distance Formula

The following formula is used to calculate a run distance from pace and time.

D = P * T
  • Where D is the total run dance
  • P is the pace of run (average)
  • T is the total time

You’ll notice that the units of measure aren’t spelled out in the description above. This is because the calculator allows you to choose through your units as you prefer. As long as the units of pace and time match up, the formula above will work.

Run Distance Definition

A run distance is defined as the total distance traveled while running at a certain pace for a certain amount of time.

How to calculate run distance?

How to calculate run distance

  1. First, determine your run pace

    This is typically measured in minutes and seconds per mile or kilometer. This should be your average pace per distance usually measured through a GPS tracker.

  2. Next, determine your total time

    This total time will need to have the same time units as your pace if using the formula above.

  3. Calculate your run distance

    Enter the information into the formula above to calculate your total run distance.


How do i increase my running distance?

Through two ways, either increase your pace or increase your time. Those are the only two ways you can physically increase running distance per run.

How do i increase my running pace?

By running harder and more often you will build up aerobic capacity that will allow you to run further and faster.

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