Enter the z score, population standard deviation, and sample size to determine the sampling error.

Sampling Error Formula

The following formula is used to calculate a sampling error.

E = Z * STD/Sqrt(N)

  • Where E is the sampling error
  • Z is the z – score
  • STD is the population standard deviation
  • N is the sample size

Sampling Error Definition

A sampling error is defined as the inherent error in the selection of a sample of data from a greater population of data.

Sampling Error Example

How to calculate sampling error?

  1. First, determine the Z-score.

    Using the confidence level, determine the z-score.

  2. Next, determine the population standard deviation.

    Calculate the standard deviation of the entire population.

  3. Next, determine the sample size.

    Measure the sample size used for the analysis.

  4. Finally, calculate the sampling error.

    Calculate the sampling error.


What is a sampling error?

A sampling error is an error in a statistical analysis due to improper sampling of the data. In other words, how much error is expected to occur based on the sample selected.