Skin Effect Calculator

Enter the electrical resistivity, angular frequency, and the magnetic permeability into the calculator to determine the skin depth.

Skin Effect Formula

The following formula is used to calculate a skin effect depth.

s = SQRT ( 2*p/w*u)

  • Where s is the skin effect depth
  • p is the electrical resistivity.
  • w is the angular frequency (2*pi*f)
  • u is the magnetic permeability

Skin Effect Definition

A skin effect is the phenomena that occurs in alternating currents that cause a thin outside layer of conductor to carry all of the current. The depth of this layer is called the skin effect depth.

Skin Effect Example

How to calculate skin effect depth?

  1. First, determine the resistivity.

    Measure or calculate the resistivity of the system.

  2. Next, determine the angular frequency.

    This is equal to 2*pi*f, where f is the frequency in hz.

  3. Next, determine the magnetic permeability.

    Calculate the magnetic permeability.

  4. Finally, calculate the depth.

    Calculate the depth of the skin effect using the formula above.


What is a skin effect?

A skin effect is the process in which the majority of the current of an alternating current travels along a small layer of a wire due to the interaction of the electric and magnetic fields.

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