Enter the center height and the length of the side of the pyramid to calculate the slant height.

Slant Height Formla

The following formula is used to calculate a slant height.

L = SQRT ( H^2 + (S/2)^2)

  • Where L is the slant height
  • S is the length of any side (Use the diameter at the base for a cone.)
  • H is the height from the center to the top of the pyramid

Slant Height Definition

The slant height is defined as the total length from the center of a side, traveling along the surface of a side, to the top of the pyramid or cone.

Slant Height Example

How to calculate a slant height?

  1. First, determine the length of one side.

    Measure the length of a side.

  2. Next, determine the height from center to top.

    Measure the height from center to tip.

  3. Finally, calculate the slant height.

    Calculate the slant height using the formula above.


What is a slant height?

A slant height is a measure of the distance from the top of a pyramid or cone to the center of the side or a point along the base for the cone.