Enter the center height and the length of the side of the pyramid to calculate the slant height. This calculator can also evaluate either the center height or side length if the other values are known.

Slant Height Formula

The following formula is used to calculate a slant height.

L = SQRT ( H^2 + (S/2)^2)
  • Where L is the slant height
  • S is the length of any side (Use the diameter at the base for a cone.)
  • H is the height from the center to the top of the pyramid’

To calculate a slant height, square the length of the height from the center to the top of the pyramid, add it to the length of an side divided by 2 squared, then take the square root of the result.

Slant Height Definition

The slant height is defined as the total length from the center of a side, traveling along the surface of a side, to the top of the pyramid or cone.

Slant Height Example

How to calculate a slant height?

  1. First, determine the length of one side.

    Measure the length of a side.

  2. Next, determine the height from center to top.

    Measure the height from center to tip.

  3. Finally, calculate the slant height.

    Calculate the slant height using the formula above.


What is a slant height?

A slant height is a measure of the distance from the top of a pyramid or cone to the center of the side or a point along the base for the cone.