Enter the horizontal and vertical lengths of a slope to determine the slope gradient and slope length.

Ramp Slope Formula

The following formulas are used to calculate slope gradient and slope length respectively.

Slope Gradient = Y:X = Y/X

Slope Length = Sqrt(X^2+Y^2)

Ramp Slope Definition

A ramp slope is defined as the gradient or ratio of the height to the length of a ramp. The ramp slope is calculated by dividing the height of the ramp by the horizontal length.

How to calculate ramp slope?

Example Problem #1:

In these example problems, we will calculate both the slope gradient and the slope length.

First, determine the height of the ramp. For this problem, the height is measure as 2 ft.

Next, determine the horizontal length of the ramp. This is measured to be 100 ft.

Finally, calculate the gradient and the length using the formulas above:

Slope Gradient = 2/100

= 1:50

Slope Length = Sqrt(2^2+100^2)

= 100.02 ft.

Example Problem #2:

In this next problem, we have a ramp of 50ft high and horizontal length of 75ft.

Using the same formulas as the previous example:

Slope Gradient = 50/75

= 2:3

Slope Length = Sqrt(50^2+75^2)

= 90.13ft.