Species Richness Calculator

Enter the total number of species and the total area into the calculator to determine the species richness.

Species Richness Formula

The following formula is used to calculate a species richness.

SR = TS / A

  • Where SR is the species richness
  • TS is the total number of species
  • A is the total area

Species Richness Definition

A species richness, also known as species density, is a measure of the total number of species in a given area of land. Species richness is also considered a metric of species diversity.

Species Richness Example

How to calculate a species richness?

  1. First, measure the total number of species.

    Count up all of the species found in a certain area.

  2. Next, measure the area.

    Measure and calculate the total area observed.

  3. Finally, calculate the species richness.

    Calculate the species richness using the formula above.


What is a species?

A species is a unique identifier for an individual organism that has unique DNA from all other organisms.

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