Specific Activity Calculator

Enter the half-life and the molar mass of a radionuclide into the calculator to determine the specific activity.

Specific Activity Formula

The following formula is used to calculate a specific activity.

a = 1.32X10^16 / (T1/2 * M)

  • Where a is the specific activity (Bq/g)
  • T1/2 is the half life (years)
  • M is the molar mass (g/mol)

Specific Activity Definition

A specific activity is a measure of activity per quantity of a radionuclide. Activity is a measure of the number of radioactive transformations per second that occur.

Specific Activity Example

How to calculate specific activity?

  1. First, determine the half life.

    Calculate the half life of the nuclide. You can used the calculator linked above for more help on thin.

  2. Next, determine the molar mass.

    Calculate or measure the molar mass in grams per mole.

  3. Finally, calculate the specific activity.

    Calculate the specific activity using the formula above.


What is a radionuclide?

A radionuclide is the nucleus of a radioactive material.

specific activity calculator
specific activity formula