Enter the total cost of the steel and the total weight into the calculator to determine the steel cost per ton.

Steel Cost Per Ton Formula

The following equation is used to calculate the Steel Cost Per Ton.

SCPT = SC / (W/2000)
  • Where SCPT is the steel cost per ton ($/ton)
  • SC is the steel cost ($)
  • W is the steel weight (lbs)

To calculate the steel cost per ton, divide the steel cost by the weight, in pounds, divided by 2000.

What is the Average Steel Cost Per Ton?

The average steel cost per ton is around $700.

Steel costs depend on the type of steel and where it is being bought. The price of steel fluctuates based on demand. The cost of steel also depends on the quality of the product, as different types of steel are stronger than others.

For example, structural beams will be less expensive than high-strength specialty alloys because they have less value to be applied in the marketplace. Structural beams are used in many building projects, while specialty alloys may only be needed once for a specific application.

Prices also vary depending on whether it is galvanized, stainless, or aluminum; galvanized sheet metal has been coated with zinc but typically costs less than stainless sheet metal.