Enter the flow velocity and the cross-sectional area into the calculator to determine the volumetric flow rate of a fluid.

Volumetric Flow Rate Formula

The following equation is used to calculate the volumetric flow rate of a fluid moving through a pipe.

V = A*v
  • Where V is the volumetric flow rate
  • A is the cross-sectional area (m^2)
  • v is the flow velocity (m/s)

To calculate the volumetric flow rate, multiply the cross-sectional area by the linear velocity of flow.

Volumetric Flow Rate Definition

A volumetric flow rate is the total volume of fluid moving through a cross-sectional area per unit of time.

Volumetric Flow Rate Example

How to calculate volumetric flow rate?

  1. First, determine the cross-sectional area.

    Measure the area the fluid is moving through.

  2. Next, determine the flow velocity.

    Calculate or measure the velocity of flow.

  3. Finally, calculate the volumetric flow rate.

    Calculate the VFR using the equation above.


What is volumetric flow rate?

Volumetric flow rate is the rate at which a given volume of fluid flows through the opening of an area. In other words, how much volume is passing through a point per time or second.

What is flow velocity?

Flow velocity is the speed that any given particle of a fluid is moving at.