Enter the displacement, angular frequency, time, and phase shift into the calculator to determine the wave amplitude.

Wave Amplitude Formula

The following formula is used to calculate the amplitude of a wave.

A = x / (ω*t + ϕ )
  • Where A is the amplitude (m)
  • x is the displacement (m)
  • ω is the angular frequency (rad/s)
  • t is the time (s)
  • ϕ is the phase shift (radians)

To calculate the wave amplitude, divide the displacement by the result of the angular frequency times the time plus the phase shift.

Wave Amplitude Definition

A wave amplitude is defined as half the distance between the crest and trough of a wave. In other words the distance from the middle of the wave to the peak or trough.

How is amplitude related to energy?

The higher the energy of a wave the higher the amount of energy contained in that wave, assuming the displacement and frequency of the wave stay the same.

Does amplitude effect speed?

No amplitude does not affect speed. The speed of a wave is determined only by the frequency and wavelength as can be seen in the formula V = f*w.

How to get the amplitude of a wave?

Getting or finding the amplitude of a wave involves first find the displacement, angular frequency, time, and phase shift. From there on can use the formula A = x / (ω*t + ϕ ) to calculate the amplitude of the wave.

What does wave amplitude depend on?

Wave amplitude for objects in harmonic motion depends on the displacement, angular frequency, time, and phase shifts. These variables all contribute to the amplitude of the wave.

How to find a waves amplitude?

How to calculate a wave amplitude?

  1. First, determine the displacement.

    Measure the displacement of the wave.

  2. Next, determine the angular frequency.

    Calculate the angular frequency of the wave.

  3. Next, determine the time.

    Measure or determine the total time it took to go to the displacement from step 1.

  4. Next, determine the phase shift.

    Determine and calculate if there was any phase shift.

  5. Finally, calculate the wave amplitude.

    Calculate the wave amplitude using the equation above.


What is an amplitude?

An amplitude is defined as as measure of the maximum displacement from equilibrium of an object or particle in periodic motion.

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