Enter the effort force, wedge angle, and coefficient of friction into the calculator to determine the wedge force.

Wedge Force Formula

The following equation is used to calculate the Wedge Force.

WF = EF / (2*(u*cos(a)+sin(a) ) ) 
  • Where WF is the total wedge force (N)
  • EF is the effort force applied to the wedge (N)
  • u is the coefficient of friction
  • a is the wedge angle

What is a Wedge Force?


The wedge force (W) is the force that tends to push a wedge or an inclined plane forward. The wedge force is also known as the chamfer force.

A wedge is a rigid two-sided tool that can be driven between two objects to separate them or apply direct force. It is often used in construction and demolition work, road construction, logging, mining, drilling, and other jobs requiring the separation of two objects or applying such a force.

How to Calculate Wedge Force?

Example Problem:

The following example outlines the steps and information needed to calculate Wedge Force.

First, determine the effort force. In this example, the effort force applied is 50 N.

Next, determine the coefficient of friction. The coefficient of friction between the wedge and the wall is .65.

Next, determine the angle of the wedge. This wedge is measured to have a 35 degree angle.

Finally, calculate the wedge force using the formula above:

WF = EF / (2*(u*cos(a)+sin(a) ) )

WF = 50/ (2*(.65*cos(35)+sin(35) ) )

WF = 22.603 N