Enter the input force and the output force into the calculator to determine the actual mechanical advantage.

AMA Formula

The following formula is used to calculate an actual mechanical advantage.

AMA = Fo / Fi
  • Where AMA is the actual mechanical advantage
  • Fo is the output force
  • Fi is the input force

To calculate an actual mechanical advantage, divide the output force by the input force.

AMA Definition

AMA, short for actual mechanical advantage, is a measure of the ratio of output force to input force of a mechanical system such as a pulley.

AMA Example

How to calculate an actual mechanical advantage.

  1. First, determine input force.

    Measure the input force that is being put into the system. For this example, we will say the system is a pulley system and the input force is 40N.

  2. Next, determine the output force.

    Measure the output force of the system. The pulley generates 100N of force from the 40 N input force.

  3. Finally, calculate the actual mechanical advantage.

    Using the formula we can find the actual mechanical advantage is 100 / 40 = 2.5.


What is AMA?

AMA is an acronym in physics that stands for actual mechanical advantage. It’s a measure of how much advantage is gained from a mechanical system with respect to an input and output force.