Belt Length Calculator (2 pulley system)

Enter the diameters of each pulley and the length between them into the calculator below to determine the belt length.

Belt Length Formula

The following formula is used by the calculator above toe calculate the belt length in a two pulley system.

BL = ((DL + DS) * π / 2) + (2 * L) + (DL – DS)2 / (4 * L)

  • Where BL is the belt length
  • DL is the diameter of the larger pulley
  • DS is the diameter of the smaller pulley
  • L is the distance between pulleys (center to center)

It’s important to keep in mind that the belt length will be in the same units of measure as the pulley diameters. For example is both the diameter of the smaller and larger pulley are measured in inches, then the belt length will also be in inches.

belt length calculator

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