Enter your original body part size in inches and your final body part size in inches after weight loss to determine your total weight loss inches.

Weight Loss Inches Formula

The following formula is used to calculate weight loss inches:


  • Where WLI is the weight los sinches
  • OS is the original size of the body part
  • FS is the final size fo the body part in inches

This is typically done on more than one body part and then summed together. The most common areas for measurement are the chest, waist, neck, and thigh.

Weight Loss Inches Definition

What are weight loss inches?

Weight loss inches are defined as the sum total of all of the inches lost on body parts due to the effect of losing weight.

Example Problem

How to calculate weight loss inches?

First, determine the initial and final size of your waist. For this example, the initial size was 36 inches and the final size was 32 inches. Subtracting these values yields a total of 4 inches.

Next, determine the initial and final size of your neck. In this case, these are measured to be 12 and 11 inches respectively. Subtracting these values yields 1 inch.

Next, determine the initial and final size of your chest. For this example person, these were 45 and 43 inches respectively. Subtracting yields 2 inches here.

Next, measure the initial and final size of your thigh. For this example, these values were 25 and 23 which yields a net loss of 2 inches.

Finally, sum all of the values together to yield the total sum of weight loss inches.

= 4+ 1 + 2 + 2

= 9 inches of weight loss total