Enter the total number of calories in deficit per day and the total number of weight loss required to determine the total time in days to lose that weight.

Weight Loss Time Formula

The following formula is used to calculate the total time required to lose a certain amount of weight at a caloric deficit.

T = WL * 3500 / CD

  • Where T is the total number of days required to lose the weight
  • WL is the desired weight loss in pounds
  • CD is the calorie deficit per day. (Typically 250-750 for healthy weight loss)

Calorie Deficit Definition

A calories deficit is defined as the number of calories below the number of calories your body needs per day to function that you are consuming. To learn more about maintenance calories visit our calculator.

Weight Loss Time Example

How to calculate weight loss time?

  1. First, determine your desired weight loss.

    For example, let’s say you wish to lose 10 total pounds.

  2. Next, determine your calories deficit.

    Eating 500 calories less than normal will yield roughly 1 pound per week.

  3. Finally, calculate the weight loss time.

    Calculate the number of days required to lose 10 pounds using the calculator or formula above.


What is weight loss time?

Weight loss time is the number of days it takes to lose a certain amount of weight while eating at a caloric deficit.

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weight loss time formula