Enter the electrode diameter (in), the wire feed speed (in/min), and the electrode efficiency (%) into the Weld Deposition Rate Calculator. The calculator will evaluate the Weld Deposition Rate. 

Weld Deposition Rate Formula

The following formula is used to calculate the Weld Deposition Rate. 

WDR = 13.1*D^2*FS*EE/100

  • Where WDR is the Weld Deposition Rate (lbs/hr)
  • D is the electrode diameter (in) 
  • FS is the wire feed speed (in/min) 
  • EE is the electrode efficiency (%) 

How to Calculate Weld Deposition Rate?

The following two example problems outline the steps and information needed to calculate the Weld Deposition Rate.

Example Problem #1

  1. First, determine the electrode diameter (in).
    • The electrode diameter (in) is calculated to be : 2.
  2. Next, determine the wire feed speed (in/min). 
    • The wire feed speed (in/min) is measured to be: 3.
  3. Next, determine the electrode efficiency (%). 
    • The electrode efficiency (%) is found to be: 98.
  4. Finally, calculate the Weld Deposition Rate using the formula above: 

WDR = 13.1*D^2*FS*EE

The values provided above are inserted into the equation below and computed.

WDR = 13.1*2^2*3*98/100 = 154.04 (lbs/hr)

Example Problem #2

The variables required for this problem are provided below:

electrode diameter (in) = 5

wire feed speed (in/min) = 6

electrode efficiency (%) = 7

Test your knowledge using the equation and check your answer with the calculator.

WDR = 13.1*D^2*FS*EE/100 = (lbs/hr)