Enter the wing span, root chord, and length of the wing to calculate the wing volume.

Wing Volume Formula

The following formula is used to calculate the total wing volume of a triangular wing.

WV = .5*WS*RC*L
  • Where WV is the wing volume
  • WS is the wing span
  • RC is the root chord
  • L is the length

To calculate the volume of a wing, multiply the wing span, root chord, and length together, then multiply the result by 1/2.

What is a wing volume?


A wing volume is a measure of the total volume or space that a wing occupies. The wing volume is used in aerodynamic equations to calculate things like lift.

How to calculate wing volume?

Example Problem:

The following example outlines how to calculate the volume of a wing.

First, determine the wing span of the wing. In this example, the wingspan is measured to be 5 ft.

Next, determine the root chord. The chord of this wing is measured to be 3 ft.

Next, determine the length of the wing. (Sometimes considered width). In this case, the length is 25 ft.

Finally, calculate the wing volume using the formula above:

WV = .5*WS*RC*L

WV = .5*3*5*25

WV = 187.5 ft^3