Select a lift, # of reps, and weight lifted into the 5-3-1 calculator. The calculator will display the recommended lifting amount for the 5-3-1 program.

531 Formula

The following formula is used to calculate a basic 5/3/1 lifting program:

Set 1 = 5 reps = 75% 1 rep max

Set 2 = 3 reps = 85% 1 rep max

Set 3 = 1 rep = 95% 1 rep max

These percentages should be adjusted based on each individual lifter and how they respond to the lifts.

531 Lifting Definition

A 531 lifting program is a strength program that consists only of sets of 5, 3, and 1.


What is a 5/3/1 program?

A 531 program is a lifting program designed for beginners that describes a repetition scheme of 5 reps, 3 reps, and then 1 rep. It’s a strength-building program that is easy to follow. Although it’s primarily designed for beginners, some powerlifting professionals still follow similar types of schemes.

Will a 5/3/1 program help me lose weight?

Any lifting program will increase the number of calories you burn during and after the workout, but the true key to losing weight is calorie restriction. It may help you in that goal but it won’t be the deciding factor.

Does 531 help build strength or muscle volume.

In general, a 531 program is designed for building strength, but any increase in strength will lead to an increase in muscle at some level.

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