Enter the total amount of absorbance into the calculator to determine the percentage transmittance.

Absorbance to Transmittance Formula

The following formula is used to calculate the percent transmittance from absorbance.

T = anti-log (2 - a) 
  • Where T is the percent transmittance
  • a is the absorbance

To calculate transmittance from absorbance, take the inverse log of 2 minus the absorbance.

Absorbance to Transmittance Definition

Converting an absorbance to transmittance involves taking the antilog of 2 minus the absorbance.

Absorbance to Transmittance Example

How to convert absorbance to transmittance?

  1. First, determine the absorbance.

    Calculate the absorbance of the surface of the material.

  2. Next, calculate the transmittance.

    Calculate the percent transmittance using the formula above.


What is transmittance?

Transmittance is a measure of the effectiveness of the surface of the material in transmitting radiant energy.

absorbance to transmittance calculator
absorbance to transmittance formula