Enter the absorbance, path length, and extinction coefficient into the calculator to determine the concentration.

Concentration from Absorbance Formula

The following formula is used to calculate a concentration from absorbance.

C = A / (L * e)

  • Where A is the absorbance
  • L is the path length
  • e is the extinction coefficient

Concentration Definition

A concentration is defined as the total amount of a substance in a given space.

Concentration from Absorbance Example

How to calculate concentration from absorbance?

  1. First, determine the absorbance.

    Calculate the absorbance.

  2. Next, determine the path length.

    Measure the total path length of absorbance.

  3. Next, determine the extinction coefficient.

    Calculate the extinction coefficient.

  4. Finally, calculate the concentration.

    Calculate the concentration using the equation above.


What is a concentration?

A concentration is a measure of the total amount of substance contained is a certain area or volume.

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