Enter the total revenue of a company and its explicit costs into the calculator. The calculator will evaluate and display the accounting profit of that company.

Accounting Profit Formula

The following equation can be used to calculate the accounting profit of any business or company.

AP = R – EC

EC = OE + I + D + T

  • Where AP is accounting profit ($)
  • R is the revenue ($)
  • EC is the explicit costs ($)
  • OE is operating expenses ($)
  • I is interest expense ($)
  • D is depreciation ($)
  • T is taxes ($)

Accounting Profit Definition

Accounting profit is the total revenue minus the explicit costs by definition. As for applicable uses, it's one metric for how profitable a company is after expenses. It takes into account explicit costs only and not extraneous costs.

Can accounting profits be negative?

Accounting profits can be negative if the explicit costs of producing a good or service end up being larger than the revenue generated. In this case, the product or business is failing to be profitable, and changes will need to be made to save the business. In early-stage companies, this often happens many quarters as they scale production.

Accounting Profit vs. Economic Profit

An accounting profit is a difference between revenue and explicit costs. An economic profit is a difference between revenue and both explicit and implicit costs.

Explicit costs include every cost that goes into the production and sale of a good including:

  • Labor
  • Raw material
  • Transportation
  • Marketing
  • Overhead

Implicit costs are those costs that have already occurred but are required to make the product. This includes:

  • Owned Buildings
  • Equipment and production plants
  • Other resources
  • Self-Employment opportunity cost

Can accounting profit equal economic profit?

An accounting profit will equal economic profit if there are no implicit costs associated with a business. This does not often occur, but can be the case especially for SAAS business that have no owned building or other implicit costs.

Accounting Profit Example

How to calculate accounting profit?

  1. First, determine the total revenue.

    Measure the total revenue earned by the business or segment. For this example, the business is found to have generated a total of $10,000.00 in revenue.

  2. Next, determine the explicit costs.

    Measure the explicit costs associated with the revenue. The company found that it had costs of; $5,000.00 in operating expenses, $500.00 in taxes, $400.00 in depreciation, and $200.00 in interest expense.

  3. Finally, calculate the accounting profit.

    Calculate the accounting profit using the formula above. The company find that the accounting profit was 10,000- (5,000+500+400+200) = $3,900.00.

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