Enter the dry-bulb temperature, humidity, wind speed, and net radiation absorbed per area to determine the apparent temperature.

Apparent Temperature Formula

The following formula is used to calculate an apparent temperature.

AT = Ta + .348*e - .70*ws+.70*(Q/ws+10) - 4.25
  • Where AT is the apparent temperature (C)
  • Ta is the dry bulb temperature (C)
  • e is the humidity (hPa)
  • ws is the wind speed (m/s)
  • Q is the net radiation absorbed per unit of body surface area.

Apparent Temperature Definition

An apparent temperature is a temperature that it “feels” like in an environment due to the true temperature, humidity, and wind chill.

How is apparent temperature calculated?

An apparent temperature is calculated using the formula AT = Ta + .348*e – .70*ws+.70*(Q/ws+10) – 4.25. This formula takes into account the true temperature along with the wind chill, humidity, and radiation absorbed.

What is reflected apparent temperature?

A reflected apparent temperature is a temperature felt off of a reflected surface due to the energy of the photons reflected.

Apparent Temperature Example

How to calculate an apparent temperature?

  1. First, determine the dry bulb temperature.

    Measure the dry bulb temperature.

  2. Next, determine the humidity.

    Calculate the humidity. You can use the calculator linked above for more help.

  3. Next, determine the wind speed.

    Measure the wind speed.

  4. Next, determine the radiation absorbed per unit area.

    This is energy absorbed per unit area.

  5. Finally, calculate the apparent temperature.

    Calculate the apparent temperature using the equation above.


Why does it feel hotter than it says on the thermometer?

The reason it feels hotter than the temperature in some situations is because of the effect wind and humidity have on the human body’s ability to cool down.

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