Enter the total number of hours worked on a project and the hourly rate charged for those hours to calculate the total billable value. This calculator can also determine the number of hours or rate when the other values are known.

Billable Hours Formula

The following formula is used to calculate the total number of billable value earned from hours worked.

BV = H * R
  • Where BV is the billable hours value ($)
  • H is the number of hours worked on a project
  • R is the rate charge for that work ($/hr)

To calculate the billable hours value, multiply the number of hours worked by the rate charge for the work.

Billable Hours Definition

Billable hours are defined as the time frame or amount of time that a contracted person worked on a specific case in which they can legally bill or charge for that time.

Example Problem

How to calculate billable hours value?

First, determine the total number of hours worked on a specific project. It’s important to note that if multiple projects were worked on, that the rates for each are the same, otherwise the formula will no be accurate. In those cases, you must separate each individual project. For this example, the number of billable hours was 100 hours.

Next, determine the rate charge for the work. For this contract it was agreed at the billable rate would be $200/hr.

Finally, calculate the total billable hours value using the formula:

BV = H * R

= 100 * 200

= $20,000.00.