Body Fat Caliper Calculator

Enter 3 caliper measurements into the body fat caliper calculator. the calculator will display your estimated body fat percentage based on these measurements.

Body Fat Caliper Formula

The following formula is used to calculate body fat percentage from height weight and caliper measurements.


D = (1.09949 – (0.00099 x (Triceps + Thigh + Suprailiac)) + (0.0000023 x (Triceps + Thigh + Suprailiac)2) – (0.0001392 x Age))


D = (1.10938 – (0.0008267 x (Thigh + Chest + Abdomen)) + (0.0000016 x (Thigh + Chest + Abdomen)2) – (0.000257 x Age))

Body density is transformed in fat percentage with the SIRI formula:

Body Fat Percentage = 495/ D – 450

How to calculate body fat from calipers

  1. First, purchase a set of reliable calipers

    Purchase a set of a reliable calipers that can measure your excess skin.

  2. Measure the 3 spots mentioned in the formulas above

    This will be triceps, thighs, and suprailiac for women and thigh, chest, and abdomen for men.

  3. Calculate your body fat percentage

    Plug the measurements into the formula above to calculate D. Then using the BF% formula, plug in D to calculate your body fat percentage.


What are calipers?

Calipers are measurement devices used to measure the total amount of excess skin a person has on certain areas of their body. This excess skin is a measure of body fat percentage.

How do i decrease body fat?

Losing weight is the only way to reduce body fat percentage. This is done through dieting and exercise.

body fat caliper calculator