Enter 3 caliper measurements into the body fat caliper calculator. the calculator will display your estimated body fat percentage based on these measurements.

Body Fat Caliper Formula

The following formula is used to calculate body fat percentage from height weight and caliper measurements.


D = (1.09949 – (0.00099 x (Triceps + Thigh + Suprailiac)) + (0.0000023 x (Triceps + Thigh + Suprailiac)2) – (0.0001392 x Age))


D = (1.10938 – (0.0008267 x (Thigh + Chest + Abdomen)) + (0.0000016 x (Thigh + Chest + Abdomen)2) – (0.000257 x Age))

Body density is transformed in fat percentage with the SIRI formula:

Body Fat Percentage = 495/ D – 450

Body Fat Caliper Definition

Body Fat Caliper is the process of estimating a person’s body fat based on three different skinfold measurements obtained from calipers.

How to calculate body fat from calipers?

How to calculate body fat from calipers

  1. First, purchase a set of reliable calipers

    Purchase a set of reliable calipers that can measure your excess skin.

  2. Measure the 3 spots mentioned in the formulas above

    This will be triceps, thighs, and suprailiac for women and thigh, chest, and abdomen for men.

  3. Calculate your body fat percentage

    Plug the measurements into the formula above to calculate D. Then using the BF% formula, plug-in D to calculate your body fat percentage.


What is the difference between the FFMI, Army, Navy, and standard body fat calculators?
The FFMI calculator focuses on the fat-free mass index, which helps assess muscle mass. The Army and Navy body fat calculators use specific formulas that consider different body measurements to meet their respective service’s fitness standards. The standard body fat calculator, as described, uses skinfold measurements with calipers to estimate body fat percentage.

Can body fat percentage affect overall health?
Yes, both extremely high and extremely low body fat percentages can have negative impacts on health. High body fat is associated with risks like heart disease, diabetes, and certain cancers, while too low body fat can lead to hormonal imbalances, weakened immune system, and bone density loss.

Why are there different formulas for males and females in calculating body fat?
Males and females tend to store fat differently due to hormonal differences. These formulas account for those differences in fat distribution and storage, providing a more accurate body fat percentage for each gender.

Is it possible to accurately measure body fat at home?
While calipers provide a relatively accurate estimate of body fat percentage when used correctly, precision can vary based on the user’s technique and experience. For more accurate measurements, professional assessments like DEXA scans or hydrostatic weighing are recommended.