Enter the flow rate, dynamic head, specific gravity, and efficiency into the calculator to determine the brake horsepower.

Brake Horsepower Formula

The following formula is used to calculate a brake horsepower of a centrifugal pump.

BHP = Q * DH * SG / 3960 * E
  • Where BHP is the brake horsepower
  • Q is the flow rate (gallons/min)
  • DH is the total dynamic head (ft)
  • SG is the specific gravity of the fluid
  • E is the efficiency (%)

To calculate brake horsepower, multiply the flow rate by the head and specific gravity, divide by 3960, the multiply by the efficiency.

Brake Horsepower Definition

Brake horsepower is the total amount of horsepower or energy required to overcome the force of breaking in a centrifugal pump.

Brake Horsepower Example

How to calculate brake horsepower?

  1. First, determine the flow rate.

    Measure the flow rate of the fluid moved by the pump.

  2. Next, determine the total dynamic head.

    Measure the total dynamic head.

  3. Next, determine the specific gravity.

    Calculate the specific gravity of the fluid.

  4. Next, determine the pump efficiency.

    Calculate the efficiency of the pump.

  5. Finally, calculate the brake horsepower.

    Calculate the brake horsepower using the formula above.


What is Brake Horsepower?

The brake horsepower of an engine is the total power required to overcome the force of braking. In the case above, this is for a centrifugal pump.

How is brake horsepower calculated?

Brake horsepower is calculated using the formula above with the necessary information.

brake horsepower calculator
brake horsepower formula