Enter the braking force and the effective disc radius into the calculator to determine the regenerative braking torque.

Regenerative Braking Torque Formula

The following formula is used to calculate a regenerative braking torque.

RBT = Fb * Re

  • Where RBT is the regenerative braking torque (N-m)
  • Fb is the total braking force (N)
  • Re is the effective disc radius (m)

To calculate the regenerative braking torque, multiply the braking force by the effective disc radius.

What is a regenerative braking torque?


A regenerative braking torque is the total braking torque captured/applied by a regenerative braking system.

How to calculate a regenerative braking torque?

Example Problem:

The following example outlines how to calculate a regenerative braking torque.

First, determine the braking force. Using the calculator linked about, the braking force is measured to be 500N.

Next, determine the effective disc radius. This is measured to be .5m.

Finally, calculate the braking torque using the formula above:

RBT = Fb * Re

RBT = 500 * .5

RBT = 250 N-m