Enter the engine torque and select the type of drive-train into the calculator to determine the wheel torque.

Wheel Torque Formula

The following formula is used to calculate the amount of torque at the wheel of a car.

WT = ET / DL
  • Where WT is the wheel torque
  • ET is the engine torque
  • DL is the drive train loss
    • front wheel drive = 1.1
    • rear wheel drive = 1.15
    • all wheel drive = 1.2 (= 20% loss)

To calculate the torque seen at the wheel, divide the engine torque by the drive train loss ratio.

What is wheel torque?


Wheel torque is the total amount of torque delivered to a wheel from the engine after the losses inside the drive train are accounted for.

How to calculate wheel torque?

Example Problem:

The following example outlines how to calculate wheel torque.

First, determine the engine torque. In this case, the engine torque is measured to be 500 N-m.

Next, determine the type of drive train, and corresponding loss factor. For this vehicle, the drive train is all-wheel drive, which averages a 20% loss.

Finally, calculate the wheel torque using the formula above:

WT = ET / DL

WT = 500/ 1.2

WT = 416.666 N-m