Enter the total engine output in kilo-watts (kW) into the calculator and select the drive-train to determine the wheel KW. This calculator can convert between both engine and wheel kilo-watts.

Engine KW to Wheel KW Formula

The following formula is used to calculate the KW at the wheel given the engine KW.

W(kW) = E(kW) - E(kw)*DTL
  • Where W(kW) is the wheel kilo-watts (kW)
  • E(kw) is the engine kilo-watts (kW)
  • DTL is the drive train loss
    • 10% for front wheel drive
    • 15% for rear-wheel drive
    • 20% for all-wheel drive

To calculate the wheel kW, subtract the drivetrain loss from the engine kW.

What is Wheel KW?


Wheel KW is a measure of the total power delivered to the wheels of an electric vehicle where the engine is outputting a certain power in kilo-watts.

How to calculate wheel KW?

Example Problem:

The following example problem outlines how to calculate wheel kW from engine kW.

First, determine the power output of the engine in kilo-watts. For this example, the engine outputs 1000 kW.

Next, determine the losses by the drivetrain. In this example, the electric vehicle is all wheel drive and has a 20% loss.

Finally, calculate the wheel kW using the formula above:

W(kW) = E(kW) – E(kw)*DTL

W(kW) = 1000 – 1000*.20

W(kW) = 800 kW