Enter the number of poles, number of parallel paths, flux per pole, armature current, and number of conductors to determine the DC motor torque.

DC Motor Torque Formula

The following formula is used to calculate the motor torque of a DC motor.

T = (P*Z*O*I) / (2*pi*A)
  • Where T is the motor torque
  • P is the number of poles
  • Z is the number of conductors
  • O is the flux per pole
  • I is the armature current
  • A is the number of parallel paths

To calculate the DC motor torque, multiply the number of poles, number of conductors, flux per pole, and armature current together, then divide by 2 times pi times the number of parallel paths.

What is a DC motor torque?


DC motor torque is a measure of the total torque of an electric motor whose source of electricity is in DC current.

How to calculate DC motor torque?

Example Problem:

The following example outlines how to calculate a DC motor torque.

First, determine the number of poles. In this example, there are 2 poles.

Next, determine the number of conductors. There are 3 conductors for this motor.

Next, determine the total flux per pole. This is calculated to be 40.

Next, determine the armature current. This is measured to be 2.5.

Next, determine the number of parallel paths. There are 2 parallel paths in this motor.

Finally, calculate the DC motor torque using the formula above:

T = (P*Z*O*I) / (2*pi*A)

T = (2*3*40*2.5) / (2*3.14159*2)

T = 47.7465