Enter the RPM per volt, current at load, and current at no load into the calculator to determine the BLDC motor power. (Brushless Motor Power)

BLDC Motor Power Formula

The following equation is used to calculate the BLDC Motor Power.

BLDC =[ Kv*(I-Io) ] * [(30/(pi*Kv))*(I-Io) ] 
  • Where BLDC is the brushless motor power
  • Kv is the RPM per volt
  • I is the current at full load
  • Io is the current at no load

What is a BLDC Motor Power?


A BLDC motor power is the maximum power produced by a brushless DC motor.

How to Calculate BLDC Motor Power?

Example Problem:

The following example outlines the steps and information needed to calculate BLDC Motor Power.

First, determine the RPM per volt. In this example, the RPM per volts is 3.25.

Next, determine the the current at full load. This is measured to be 50 amps.

Next, determine the current at no load. This is measured to be 10 amps.

Finally, calculate the BLDC motor power using the formula above:

BLDC =[ Kv*(I-Io) ] * [(30/(pi*Kv))*(I-Io) ]

BLDC =[ 3.25*(40) ] * [(30/(3.14159*3.25))*(40) ]

BLDC = 15,278 watts = 15.278 kW