Enter the voltage, current, efficiency, and rpm of an electric motor to determine the torque produced by the motor.

Electric Motor Torque Formula

The following formula is used to calculate an electric motor torque.

t = (I*V*E/100*60)/(rpm*2*pi)

  • Where I is the current (amps)
  • V is the voltage (volts)
  • E is the efficiency of the motor (%)
  • RPM is the rotations per minute

Electric Motor Torque Definition

Electric motor torque is the total torque generated by an electric motor given a current, voltage, efficiency, and RPM.

Electric Motor Torque Example

How to calculate an electric motor torque?

  1. First, determine the current.

    Calculate the current delivered to the engine.

  2. Next, determine the voltage.

    Calculate the voltage delivered to the motor.

  3. Next, determine the efficiency.

    Measure the percentage of energy that goes to usable torque.

  4. Next, determine the RPM.

    Measure the rotations per minute of the motor.

  5. Finally, calculate the torque.

    Calculate the motor torque using the equation above.


What is an electric motor?

An electric motor is a device that turns electricity into mechanical work.

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