Enter the total brake horsepower and the total weight of the car into the calculator to determine the brake horsepower per ton.

Brake Horsepower Per Ton Formula

The following equation is used to calculate the Brake Horsepower Per Ton.

BHP/T = BHP / (W /2000)
  • Where BHP/T is the brake horsepower per ton
  • BHP is the brake horsepower
  • W is the weight (lbs)

To calculate the brake horsepower per ton, divide the brake horsepower by the weight in pounds divided by 2000.

What is Brake Horsepower Per Ton?


Brake horsepower per ton is a metric used to describe the amount of power per unit weight a car can generate.

How to Calculate Brake Horsepower Per Ton?

Example Problem:

The following example outlines the steps and information needed to calculate Brake Horsepower Per Ton.

First, determine the total brake horsepower (BHP). For this example, using the calculator linked above, the BHP is found to be 500 HP.

Next, determine the total weight of the car. In this case, the car weighs in at 4000 pounds.

Finally, calculate the brake horsepower per ton using the formula above:

BHP/T = BHP / (W /2000)

BHP/T = 500 / (4000 /2000)

BHP/T = 250 BHP /ton