Enter the number of pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, half-dollars, and dollar coins you have into the calculator to determine the total coin weight.

Coin Weight Formula

The following formula is used to calculate the weight of a jar or collection of coins.

W = P*2.5 + N*5 + d*2.268 + Q*5.670 + HD*11.340 + D*81

  • Where W is the weight in grams
  • P is the number of pennies
  • N is the number of nickels
  • d is the number of dimes
  • Q is the number of quarters
  • HD is the number of half dollars
  • D is the number of dollar coins

Coin Weight Definition

A coin weight is the total weight of a collection of coins determined by the amount of each type of coin and their respective weights.

The weights of each coin are standardized by the US mint and made to a specific tolerance.

US Coin Weights

The following table outlines the weights of each US coin.

CoinWeight (grams)
Half Dollar11.340g

Example Problem

How to calculate the weight of a jar of coins?

First, determine the numbers of each individual coin.

For this example, the coins are separated and counted. The results are as follows:

  • Pennies: 20
  • Nickels: 5
  • Dimes: 4
  • Quarters: 20
  • Half Dollar: 10
  • Dollar: 1

Next, enter the values into the formula above to calculated the coin weight:

W = P*2.5 + N*5 + d*2.268 + Q*5.670 + HD*11.340 + D*81

= 20*2.5+5*5+4*2.268+20*5.570 + 10*11.340+1*81

= 389.872 grams

To convert this into pounds, divide the result by 454

= 389.872/454

= .8595 lbs