Enter the initial temperature, pressure, and volume, and the final pressure and volume into the calculator to determine the compressed air temperature.

Compressed Air Temperature Formula

The following equation is used to calculate the Compressed Air Temperature.

T2 = P1*V1*T1 / (P2*V2)

  • Where T2 is the temperature of the compressed air
  • P1,V1, and T1 are the initial pressure, volume, and temperature respectively
  • P2 and V2 are the pressure and volume of the air after compression.

This formula assumes an ideal gas, which air is technically not.

What is a Compressed Air Temperature?


A compressed air temperature is the temperature of a body of air after it has been compressed to a different volume and temperature.

How to Calculate Compressed Air Temperature?

Example Problem:

The following example outlines the steps and information needed to calculate Compressed Air Temperature.

First, determine the initial temperature, pressure, and volume. In this example, these are 10 C , 5 atm, and 10ft^3 respectively.

Next, determine the final pressure and volume. These are measured to be 5 atm and 8ft^3, respectively.

Finally, calculate the compressed air temperature using the formula above:

T2 = P1*V1*T1 / (P2*V2)

T2 = 10*5*10/ (5*8)

T2 = 12.5 C