Enter the total cost of the campaign and the gross rating points into the calculator to determine the cost per rating point.

Cost Per Rating Point (CPRP) Formula

The following equation is used to calculate the .

  • Where CPRP is the total cost per rating point ($/RP)
  • TCC is the total campaign cost ($)
  • GRP is the gross rating points

To calculate the cost per rating point, divide the total campaign cost by the gross rating points.

What is Cost Per Rating Point (CPRP)?


Cost Per Rating Point (CPRP) is an advertising rate standard used by radio and TV stations. The cost per rating point (CPRP) is the cost to reach a certain number of listeners or viewers. It’s used by advertisers because they can compare the effectiveness of their advertising versus the costs involved. The formula used to find the cost per rating point is:

How to Calculate CPRP?

Example Problem:

The following example outlines the steps and information needed to calculate CPRP.

For example, if a television station charges $4,000 to advertise on a show that reaches 800,000 people, then the cost per rating point would be: $4,000/800,000 = .0050 or .50 cents spent for each rating point obtained

The cost per rating point tells you how much you’re spending for each person reached by your advertisement.