Enter the reach percentage and the average frequency into the calculator to determine the gross rating points (GRP).

GRP Formula

The following formula is used to calculate the gross rating points.

GRP = R * AF
  • Where GRP is gross rating points
  • R is the reach percentage (percentage of people that are reached by a program)
  • AF is the average frequency per viewer reached (for example a viewer watching 5 episodes each with one ad would have a frequency of 5*1 = 5.

To calculate gross rating points, multiply the reach percentage by the average frequency per viewer reached.

GRP Definition

What is GRP?

GRP, short for gross rating points, is a metric used in standard television or radio advertising to measure the impact of any particular campaign using a specific medium or schedule.

Example Problem

How to calculate GRP?

First, determine the reach percentage of the medium. For this example, there is a popular television show that reaches 15% of the adult population in the country of analysis.

Next, determine the average frequency a person sees the advertisement. For this show, there are 5 ads played through the episode. This leads to a frequency of 1 show watched * 5 ads per show = 5.

Finally, calculate the GRP using the formula above:

GRP = R% * AF

GRP = 15 * 5

GRP = 75 points