Enter your TVR and your reach into the calculator to determine the OTS (Opportunity-to-See).

OTS Formula

The following formula is used to calculate an opportunity-to-see value.

OTS = TVR (or GRP) / R 
  • Where OTS is your opportunity to see
  • TVR is your TV rating points (also known as gross rating points)
  • R is your reach (%)

To calculate the OTS, divide the TV rating points by the reach percentage.

What is OTS?


OTS, short for opportunity-to-see, is a metric used in advertising to describe the number of times that a target audience member will see your advertisement.

How to calculate OTS?

Example Problem:

The following example outlines the steps required to calculate the opportunities-to-see for an advertisement.

First, determine the TV rating points. In this example, the TVR is measured to be 400.

Next, determine the reach percentage. In this case, the reach is determined to be 60%.

Finally, calculate the opportunities-to-see each audience member will have using the formula above:

OTS = TVR (or GRP) / R

OTS = 400 / 60

OTS = 6.666