Enter the total number of impressions and the total advertising dollars spent into the calculator to determine the cost per thousand (CPT).

CPT Formula

The following formula is used to calculate the cost per 1000.

CPT = TC / TI*1000
  • Where CPT is the cost per 1000 impression/units/etc.
  • TC is the total cost
  • TI is the total number of impressions or units produced

To calculate cost per thousand, divide the total cost by the total units (or impressions), then multiply by 1000.

The formula above can be used for calculating CPT for something such as a media campaign and the cost per 1000 impressions, or for a manufacturing company and the cost per 1000 goods produced.


What is CPT?

CPT, short for cost per thousand, is a term used in business to describe the cost per one thousand of some unit. This unit is often an advertising impression, and the CPT is the cost per thousand impressions, however, it can also just as easily be applied to the cost per thousand of a physical good.

Example Problem

How to calculate CPT?

First, determine the total cost. For this example, we will be looking at a business that purchases a bulk supply of their best-selling item. The total cost came to $5,000.00.

Next, determine the total number of goods purchased. In this example, the $5000 netted the company a total of 20,000 items.

Finally, calculate the cost per thousand (CPT) using the formula above:

CPT = TC / TI*1000

CPT = 5000 / 20000*1000

CPT = $250 per thousand