Enter the total cubic feet of volume and the density into the calculator to determine the pounds from cubic feet. This calculator can also perform the reverse operation.

Cubic Feet to Pounds Formula

The following formula is used to convert cubic feet into pounds.

LBS = CF * D
  • where LBS is the weight in pounds
  • CF is the volume in cubic feet (ft^3)
  • D is the density of the material or fluid (lbs/ft^3)

To calculate pounds from cubic feet, multiply the volume by the density in pounds per cubic foot.

How is cubic feet converted into pounds?

A cubic foot is a unit of volume and lbs is a unit of weight, so they can not be directly converted into one another without additional information.

In this case, the additional information is density. Density is a unit of measure of weight per unit volume, so multiplying it by the volume yields the weight.

How to calculate pounds from cubic feet?

Example Problem:

The following example problem outlines the steps and information needed to calculate pounds from cubic feet.

First, determine the total volume in cubic feet. In this example, the volume has a length, width, and height of 4 ft, 5ft, and 3ft respectively.

Multiplying the sides together yields the volume:

4*5*3 = 60 ft^3.

Next, determine the density of the object or material. In this case, the material has a density of 10 lbs / ft^3.

Finally, calculate the pounds from cubic feet using the formula above:

LBS = CF * D

LBS = 60*10

LBS = 600 lbs