Enter the length, width, thickness, and density of the door into the calculator to determine the door weight.

Door Weight Formula

The following formula is used to calculate the weight of a door.

DW = L/12*W/12*T/12 * D
  • Where DW is the door weight (lbs)
  • L is the length of the door (inches)
  • W is the width of the door (inches)
  • T is the thickness of the door (inches)
  • D is the density of the door material (lbs/ft^3)
    • 48lbs/ft^3 for MDF
    • 70lbs/ft^3 for HDF

To calculate the weight of a door, simply calculate the volume with the length, width, and thickness, then multiply by the density of the material.

What is a door weight?

Door weight is the total mass of a door based on the overall dimensions and the density of the material the door is made out of.

What is the average weight of a door?

The average door weighs approximately 100 pounds.

How to calculate the weight of a door?

Example Problem:

The following example outlines how to calculate the weight of a door.

First, determine the length. In this example, the door is measured to be 80″ tall.

Next, determine the width. This is measured to be 30″ wide.

Next, determine the thickness. The thickness is 1.5 inches.

Next, determine the density. For this example, a medium density fiberboard will be used which has a density of 48lbs/ft63.

Finally, calculate the door weight using the formula above:

DW = L/12*W/12*T/12 * D

DW = 80/12*30/12*1.5/12 * 48

DW = 100 lbs