Enter the total area of the false ceiling and the total cost per square foot into the calculator to determine the false ceiling cost.

False Ceiling Cost Formula

The following formula is used to calculate a false ceiling cost.

  • Where FCC is the false ceiling cost ($)
  • TA is the total ceiling area (ft^2)
  • CPA is the cost per area of the ceiling ($/ft^2)
    • The average cost of a false ceiling is $5.00/ft^2

To calculate the false ceiling cost, multiply the total area of the false ceiling by the cost per unit of area.

What is a false ceiling cost?

The average cost of a false ceiling varies greatly depending the design and material used. On average a 5$ per square foot is a good estimating start point.

How to calculate false ceiling cost?

Example Problem:

The following example problem outlines how to calculate the total cost of a false ceiling.

First, determine the total area. Multiplying the length and width gives us the area, which in this case, is found to be 150 square feet.

Next, determine the cost per square foot. This false ceiling is complex, so the cost per square foot is 10$.

Finally, calculate the total cost using the formula above:


FCC = 150*10

FCC = $1,500.00