Enter the total cost of gold and the gold weight into the calculator to determine the gold cost per pound.

Gold Cost Per Pound Formula

The following equation is used to calculate the Gold Cost Per Pound.

  • Where GCP is the gold cost per pound ($/lb)
  • TGC is the total gold cost ($)
  • GW is the total gold weight (lbs)

To calculate the gold cost per pound, divide the gold cost by the gold weight in pound.

What is the Average Gold Cost Per Pound?

The current gold price per pound as of 2022 is $22,372.00.

The average gold cost per pound is dependent on many factors. The type of gold you are purchasing, the karat rating, and the form of gold (such as bullion or scrap) all affect the price you pay. In addition, where you buy from will also have a significant bearing on how much you pay for your gold.

The price of gold is based on the spot price of the metal, which changes daily. The current market demand and supply determine the spot price.

Gold mining companies can influence the market pricing for gold if they reduce or increase production levels. Gold mining companies set aside a certain amount of money to explore and drill for new deposits every year. This amount increases or decreases the total supply of gold on the market and affects its value and price per pound.