Gravitational Force Calculator

Enter the mass of object 1, the mass of object 2, and the distance between them and this calculate will evaluate the gravitational force between them.

What is gravitational force?

Gravitational force is governed by on of Newton’s laws, specifically his universal gravitation law that says that every body attracts very other body with a force. This force is gravity. It’s one of the most bizarre forces in our universe. You may be sitting there thinking, i’m not getting pulled apart in every direction by things around me, and objects are just flying towards me. This is true, but that’s because the gravitational force is extremely weak. Only at very large masses does the force amount to something. For example, with the earth. The force of gravity due to the mass of the earth causes a gravitational potential energy.

Gravitational Force Formula

The gravitational force between two objects is calculated with the following formula:

F = G * M * m / R^2

Where F is the gravitational force.

M & m are the two masses of the two objects

R is the distance between the center of the objects

G is the gravitational constant which is equal to 6.674 * 10^(-11) N*m^2/kg^2 .

How to calculate gravitational force

First, use either a scale or a formula to determined the mass of both objects. Sometimes this can be done with multiplying the volume times the density of an object.

Next, measure the distance between the two objects. On a small scale this can be done with a measuring tape or ruler. On a planetary scale, this needs to be calculated through optics.

Finally, enter the values into the calculator above, and you have your force.

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