Inductor Energy Storage Calculator

Enter the inductance and current of any inductor into the calculator below to determine the total energy stored in that inductor. An inductor is an electrical instrument that stores energy when a current is passed through it.

Inductor Energy Formula

The following equation can be used to calculate the total energy store in an inductor when a current is passing through it.

ES = 1/2 * L * I²

  • Where ES is the total energy stored (Joules)
  • L is the inductance (Henries, H)
  • I is the current (amps, A)

This inductor calculator takes the values you enter above, and calculates the resulting answer on the back end. It’s important to remember that this energy storage only occurs when a current is present. This is because the actual cause of the energy is a magnetic field generated by the current.

Another name for a inuductor is a solenoid, one of the most prevalent electronic components in the world. Solenoids produce magnetic fields when they see a current.

Inductor Energy Storage Calculator