Enter the frequency or the electrical supply and the inductance of the system to determine the inductive reactance.

Inductive Reactance Formula

The following formula is used to calculate an inductive reactance.

XL = 2*pi*f*L
  • Where XL is the inductive reactance (ohms)
  • f is the frequency of the electrical supply (hertz)
  • L is the inductance (henries)

Inductive Reactance Definition

Inductive reactance is defined as the reactance that arises from the inductance of an inductor.

Inductive Reactance Example

How to calculate inductive reactance?

  1. First, determine the frequency.

    Measure the frequency of the electrical current moving through the system.

  2. Next, determine the inductance.

    Measure or calculate the total inductance of the system.

  3. Finally, calculate the inductive reactance.

    Using the formula along with the frequency and inductance, calculate the inductive reactance.


What is inductive reactance?

Inductive reactance is a measure of the resistance of a system to changing in a current flow.

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